Concerts, gala dinners, trade fairs, public events or even stand-up performances
– organize events at the Old Student House for more than 1000 people.

Attendees to our events are impressed by our central location and grand venue.
Our versatile facilities and high-quality food and drinks will ensure you’ll have an event to remember.

events at the old student house catering


events at the old student house


events at the old student house, main hall with a stage

Venue and technology

Event materials

Exhibition structures, exhibition furniture, brochure and photo stands
We work with our partners to design a unique and functional solution for your event.


Professional sound and light engineers design the technology to suit your event.


Sound system for speech and background music  650,-

Sound system for live music 1600,

Stage lights 850,-

High-performance video projector and screen 4×3 metres 1500,-

There is always at least one technician setting up, running and taking down an event.
Fee 56.00/hour, Sundays and public holidays 94.00/hour/technician


Sisäänkäynnin molemmin puolin saa kiinnittää pystybanderolleja 100 x 400.
Banderollien tuotanto ja kiinnitys: 350,- / kpl


There are four flagpoles at the main entrance that customers can use.
Flag size 120 x 196: free of charge


Two bases at the main entrance: 90.00


49.00/hour, Sundays and public holidays 94.00/hour/doorman (min. 1 doorman/100 customers)

Prices include VAT 14%/24%
Prices are valid until further notice, and we reserve the right to change the prices.