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Catering | Welcome your guests to a great event;

Welcome toast

Sparkling wine from 46.00/bottle and champagne from 65.00/bottle. We can also mix an aperitif to suit your event.

Canapés 4.30 each

Toast with whitefish roe and sour cream (LF)
Cold smoked salmon and fennel (LF)
Forest mushroom quiche and chervil (LF)
Duck liver and fiq (LF)
Blue cheese and beetroot (LF)
Chocolate tartlet and raspberry (LF)
Marshmallow and macaron (LF, GF)

Relaxed dinner

The menus below are just some examples of the Old Student House’s many menu options. Share your ideas and thoughts about the catering for your event – our chef Jarkko Nieminen’s team will plan and make even your wildest food dreams come true.

We’ll offer suggestions for drinks and wine packages according to your requirements.

Buffet FRESCO – 47.00/person


Sprout salad with citrus vinaigrette (DF, GF)
Jerusalem artichoke, little gem salad and pomegranate vinaigrette (DF, GF)
Roasted pumpkin, Beluga lentils and spinach (DF, GF)
Couscous with orange, shrimps and saffron yoghurt (LF)
Ballotine with chicken and pistachio nuts, avocado crème (DF, GF)
Smoked neck of pork, bean salad and truffle honey (DF, GF)
Coleslaw with shiraza (DF, GF)
Focaccia and bell pepper hummus (DF)


Roasted cajun salmon with lime sour cream (DF, GF)
Braised neck of veal with dark sage jus (DF, GF)
Pulled oats ragu and parmesan mayonnaise (LF)


Chocolate cake and mango salad (L)
Coffee and tea 4,50 €

Dinner served at the table

Menu “Laudatur” – 55.00/person

Trout mousseline, cauliflower and fennel bread crouton (LF)
Finnish fillet of beef, parmesan potatoe and chorizo butter (LF,GF)
Cranberry parfait, salted caramel and pistachio cake (LF)
Coffee and tea 4,50€

Menu ”Gaudeamus” – 65.00/person

Duck rillette, pear chutney and red cabbage salad (LF,GF)
Cep soup, mocca crème and mushroom muffin (LF)
Roasted arctic char, fennel, potato croquette and crayfish sauce (LF,GF)
Dark chocolate pastry, raspberry and caramel crumble (LF)
Coffee and tea 4,50 €

Complete the evening with a light bite

6,80 / dish

Soup of Jerusalem artichoke, apple and malt bread croutons (LF)
Lobster soup and fried brioche (LF)
Farm cheeses, celery and nuts (LL)
Champagne sorbet (DF, GF)

All our food products are lactose-free/low-lactose.
Our chef will be happy to customise any dishes to your wishes.

Prices include VAT 14%/24%.
Prices are valid until further notice, and we reserve the right to change the prices.

Decoration and technical services as agreed.
Please confirm the services for your event two weeks before the event and the number of attendees no later than one week before the event. Invoicing will be based on the confirmed number of attendees. Drinks will be invoiced as per actual consumption.